Monday, August 22, 2011

journeying inward [1/3]

Welcome to my blog, if it's your first time to browse. & to my regular readers, hello again. In true Mercury retrograde fashion, I'm doing major adjustments to unforeseen slip-ups, so please bear with me, but this has got to be one of the best #MercRx episodes I've ever had, so far. & I can't thank my patrons & friends enough for the support. ♥

(Maybe because Mercury is in Leo, anyway, so things are light & playful just the same, & I'm always happy when any planet's in that sign, even if during the first few days of this drat current retrograde I just want to scream all the time, & I still do, when little things keep bothering me. But I can't help it. I guess it's better off to just let all steam from time to time instead of just blowing up at the least unexpected time to unsuspecting individuals.)

I'll have to wait until Mercury turns direct before I proceed with the next workshop/tutorial, so that should commence on a Saturday or Sunday. The next New Moon is in Virgo by next week, so I could start until after that. If everything goes according to plan, then on the very first day of my birthday month (September, of course!) I'll be more than happy to get going.

Now before I get sidetracked, here's my schedule for the rest of the month:

August 26th - Friday
3:00pm to 5:00pm - Lyn
7:00pm to 9:00pm - Lea (cancelled)

August 27th - Saturday
1:00pm to 3:00pm - Steph
3:00pm to 5:00pm - Pia & Lei

August 29th - Monday (cancelled, moved to the next day)
4:00pm to 9:00pm

Text me beforehand should you want to be scheduled before those days within the week, or on those days per se but on different timeslots: (+63) 0920-433-5420. Please note that I might be in the middle of a Tarot reading session so if you call, I might not be able to pick up immediately. Text me FIRST before calling. I'm adamantly sticking to my schedules but I want to accommodate everyone as much as I can this month. Meaning, I'd rather read on these particular days at my preferred places so, please, have mercy. (House calls will have extra charge, up to double my standard rate, depending on location & weather conditions. For now, I can only accommodate such requests within the Makati CBD. For more information on how I do my readings, please read the updated 2nd FAQ.)

& before I further forget, like I usually do, here's this quirky poem (a Pagan wedding poem that can double as a love spell, actually, haha, or so says my Wiccan acquaintance from last year) that I'd like to post. I wonder if it works. My dragon guides are rather delighted with this; I'm honestly not in a rush to be in love again (& it's actually 4 long years since I've been single, if I were to exclude them stupid pseudo-dates in the last 3). Especially now that Venus is in Virgo, when all I gotta think about is my own well-being (work & health, especially peace of mind). Whatever.

Two dragons come together,
feel the drums together,
two dragons dance.

Two dragons dance together,
take a chance together,
two dragons sing.

Two dragons sing together,
take wing together,
two dragons fly.

Two dragons fly together,
own the sky together,
Two dragons are as one.

But I'm very happy, nevertheless, for my patrons as of last year to have finally found love, & I'm very honored for the trust bestowed upon me regarding the process of their doing so. Especially those who are Earth signs. (Ahem, Venus in Virgo, indeed, yeah?) I'm still hoping the rest of you wonderful folks finally find what you're looking for (after realizing Saturn's harsh lessons, while in my sign Libra, of course). You still have lots of opportunities coming your way. & I hope to end the cycle soon for myself, but I also hope to get my act together before all this happens. Despite my crazy (READ: unpredictable & independent) Aquarius rising, I'm still a sucker for romance, even if I feel the need to rationalize why I'd want it in my life soon. I should remember that the Universe indeed conspires to give us what we want, & that means I gotta make up my mind quick about it. So should you.

What excuses have you given yourself lately why you don't deserve or need love at the moment? What are you going to do about it? If you're ready to take that plunge (again) even if you'd land on your face with a big thud (like I always do, ugh) & you want further insight, let me know. I'm with you. Cheers to us! ♥


Tangerine said...

My excuses? I still have residues of self-esteem issues. I think when it comes to not deserving love, I think I may still give off that "unworthy" vibe. Though I am not sure. :))

Here's to the coming of Virgo. Praying for a warmer September. We need all the sun we can get.


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