Thursday, September 15, 2011

& it's that time of the year again

There's something about birthdays that I both dread & long for. Mine's coming up in 10 days. I've resolved that this year would be more exciting, despite the whole laidback vibe with my Cancerian best friend Zhy (Aquarius moon, Aries rising) & my Virgo brother whom I still call Sonny (so much for our childhood nicknames at home) even if he's more commonly known as Lem or Rey among his friends (Virgo moon, Pisces rising). I'm making it a point to spend it with only the most reliable people in my life, along with a few choice acquaintances (that is, if they do decide to show up at the last minute). But yeah, I'd rather spend that day with the people who've really never let me down throughout the years, despite their unpredictable, independent selves.

& I really want my dad's rundown garden revived by then. I've started a couple of weeks ago by buying orchids (the main attraction in my dad's collection a decade or so ago) & having our trusty memorial park stead caretaker Larry (who's coincidentally Libra, too, woohoo!) prepare the space for bluegrass & all these empty flowerpots waiting to be refilled. I kinda want a Japanese-style garden despite the already existing trees in our yard, but even if I'm itching to have it landscaped right away, I'm challenging my dormant creative self to work a few tricks on the space, especially with the fact that I still need to save up for that & we actually have very little room for my rather grandiose Zen ideas. Now that Venus is in my sign, I guess it's perfect timing to have this project taken care of completely. I'll make sure that by the end of my actual Venus return in Scorpio (by December), everything will be in place. ♥ I want a cozy nook each for worship & for entertaining, a small herb garden at the back, & flowers to brighten up the chi at home. I can't wait to get a Japanese stone lantern, wishing well, & maybe even a small birdhouse set up! & the New Moon in my sign soon is what I feel the most auspicious time to have it all taken care of. I really hope I can take care of things. Our old housekeeper who's snarky as hell but who also did a major contribution to keeping the garden promising is still a hindrance to my plans, since her lack of aesthetics is sooo irking the shit out of me on a daily basis, but I'm hoping for a break from all this. Thanks to feng shui I've realized where our growing problems are coming from, & they'll have to end this month. Next Monday & Wednesday are going to be crazy days, but I'm taking a break from it all on my birthday week, so if you folks want a personal reading at the last week of September, you might all have to wait until October 1st. (I can manage to read remotely by then, though, just please let me know in advance.) My schedule listing's updated at the sidebar now, so just please check that from time to time. :)

Now if it weren't for Zhy helping me rearrange my bedroom & giving me ideas how to redecorate a few weeks ago, I really wouldn't have had anything done. I've been so tired & busy & tired all over again (it's a most vicious cycle, I tell you) that I hardly have time for myself at home anymore. But now I feel so much better, & I can't thank her enough. & from now on I'll be more aware & organized, & again, it's the perfect time to do so, since Venus is in my sign & my Solar return's fast approaching. Plus, I might as well take good advantage of things while it's my Mercury return. YAY. I'm done with Mercury retrograding. It's been wobbly these past few years, so I really have high hopes for this month now. I'll be my old bitchy OC self, sure, but as long as it gets the job done en pronto, I'm happy. & this officially seals the deal: I'm growing old, but yay, I'm finally I'm old enough to really pull this shit off. The Maturity card (cf. Ace of Pentacles) + Ripeness (9 of Pentacles) from my Osho Zen deck lovingly affirms that fact. Lessee if my reviewing The Secret helps! :P

Of course I had to consult my own deck if this whole gardening frenzy's recommended & timely, despite Jupiter currently on retrograde. I got Past Lives (cf. The Moon), Trust (cf. Knight of Chalices), & Breakthrough (cf. Strength + Justice), via my Osho Zen deck. I'm sooo on the right track, then! Time to let go & live in the now, while still honoring the past. Thank you so much, Universe! & there's that huge Lunar influence right there.

I really have so much to thank the heavens for. The Universe does answer our prayers, even if it takes quite a while. But patience is indeed a virtue, as cliché as that may sound, & I hope you also find the time to be utterly grateful for all the goodness you still have in your life. Nobody's perfect, & we're all still yearning for so much more everytime, but that shouldn't stop us from being hopeful & open to all wondrous possibilities just the same.


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