Wednesday, July 23, 2008

time to party

6 readers. Chocolate abound. Myriad decks. 4 amazing hours. Fortunes foretold.
1 notable weekend.

I am currently preparing for this event, so I’m re-reading my favorite books (the Mythic Tarot guidebook included). Thanks, RF Rubin, for the inclusion in the roster of readers. I can’t wait to meet everyone else. Oh, I got a nice wicker bag from a client for my decks today. Thanks, Sharon! It was so nice seeing you again. Wicker/woven bags aren’t really my style, but it should match my strappy woven wedge sandals then, hehe. Will I still be able to pull it off, though, should I decide to wear just my staple black tee & a denim skirt that weekend? Talk about mismatched. Maybe I should just go for my usual hobo chic vibe. Comfort is, after all, the key to a crazy weekend like this. I hope I don’t pass out or, worse, go manic with all the chocolate, mmm.


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