Wednesday, July 02, 2008

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How to help this process of maintaining one’s path:

1. Insure that your energy level is high by focusing on the unique beauty and shape of everything, especially nature.

2. Try to experience a feeling of closeness, the feeling that no matter how far away something is, you can touch it, connect with it.

3. Breathe in this energy by taking deep conscious breaths, holding each about five seconds before exhaling.

4. Visualize that each breath pulls energy into us and fills us like a balloon; experience becoming lighter and more buoyant.

5. After you breathe in the energy, check your emotions. Do you feel love? This is the true measure of whether you are really connected. Love is not an intellectual concept or moral imperative. It is a background emotion that exists when one is connected to the energy available in the universe.

6. Once you are connected with the energy, examine your thoughts.

* The words you habitually will through your head in an attempt to logically control events stop when you give up your control drama.

* As you fill up with inner energy, other kinds of thoughts enter your mind from a higher part of yourself.

These are intuitions. They appear in the back of your mind, sometimes in a kind of daydream or mini-vision.

7. When you have acquired enough energy, you are ready to consciously engage evolution, to produce the coincidences that will lead you forward.

* Remember your basic life question–the one your parents gave you–because this question provides the overall context for your evolution.

* Next you center yourself on your path by discovering the immediate, smaller questions that currently confront your life.

* These questions always pertain to your larger question and define where you currently are in your lifelong quest.

* Once you become conscious of the questions active in the moment, you always get some kind of intuitive direction of what to do, of where to go.

* The only time this will not occur is when you have the wrong question in mind. The problem in life isn’t in receiving answers. The problem is in identifying your current questions. Once you get the questions right, the answers always come.

* After you get an intuition of what might happen next, the next step is to become very alert and watchful. Sooner or later coincidences will occur to move you in the direction indicated by the intuition.


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