Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ooh, yay, a tree-hugging special!

Happy Earth Day! Again! Hehe, this would be my second ever post about the occasion, & I've got more things up in my sleeve. Becoming eco-friendly is quite the rage again now, with all our pollution, climate change, & recession problems. But wasn't it the trend 19 long years ago? I actually won the silver medal in an inter-district essay writing contest in 6th grade, when I wrote about my own humble contributions to saving the world: one barangay at a time. Oh, God, how juvenile... how suburban. I actually practised what I preached for some time, but then I realized I've been hoarding clutter just the same & I've been using way too many plastic bags & non-recycled paper for my own good. Oh, & I'm still a sucker for long showers & bubble baths. So much for that. But with a budding enthusiasm for feng shui, which actually helps people to be more uh, nature-conscious, & the ongoing drive again to be kinder to Mother Earth, let's get it on one more time! With that said, I'm trying to get my "Go Green" badge to function in the sidebar. I'll be also sending my story to our workplace, haha, as encouraged throughout our network. Hmm, & this looks like a wonderful activity to engage in next week or so, as long as the weather clears:

Mmm, a vegetarian cooking class for wellness. :D~ I'm still all for livestock (if only we'd be kinder to our respective fauna) & dairy & chocolate, though. But this should be fun. & I miss doing yoga. I'm too inflexible & immobile now for that, though! :(, my most favorite online resource yet, has also gone green today, & I'm loving their eco-friendly articles. Haha, my Going Green by Zodiac Sign tip hits so close to home! (I'm sorry, I will rave about being Libran until I expire!) & my Eating Organically by Zodiac Sign pointers are a striking reminder that I should eat more fruit, seriously. Bleargh. I used to be a big apple & pineapple junkie when I was little, but nowadays, before you can feed me that stuff again, you have to serve everything peeled & chopped (especially them green apples!) — in a fancy setup, to boot! I've no problems eating vegetables, sure, except for a few gross choices, but fruits? Uhm. The only picks I can eat with much gusto now are dissected mangoes, peaches, melons, & papaya swimming in cream & condensed milk, hehe, &/or with yogurt. I'm a big baby like that. :( I miss Snapple all of a sudden.

Oh, & see how you can actually enhance your green lifestyle with feng shui. Wait, I just said that, right? Just reading's resident feng shui expert's articles makes me feel refreshed everytime. Check out Stephanie Dempsey's other write-ups in the website.

So, personally, what else have I been doing to be more compassionate towards Mother Earth? Not much, but it's a start. I like my online banking way too much. Not only is it more convenient, it also saves more paper. I also don't ask for my receipts anymore when I withdraw money from ATMs. But God forbid there should be a slip-up in the banking system & I would need proof that my account &/or transaction screwed up! I also bring my own shopping bag, but sometimes it just can't be helped, especially when I use grocery plastic bags as trashbin linings after. Mmm, speaking of trashbins, I'm getting into the habit of segregating my stuff again, even if it doesn't really work that way when I'm at home. But I'm getting there. I'm also trying to pick up where my dad left off with gardening, with our household help frontlining, hehe, but it's been frightfully scorching outside these past few weeks, until it had to rain like crazy since last weekend. I'm just so glad for the rain these days. It's making my bathwater colder, yay! I love the rain, actually, as long as I'm snug indoors & I don't have to go anywhere at the time being. Speaking of bathwater, we're also in the habit of storing some in our reservoirs again. I know I'm a big sucker for showers, but thank God for Philippine culture & the ubiquitous water dipper, haha. Comes pretty handy during power outages, anyway, plus you know how many gallons of water you can conserve when you're NOT using the shower, right? All of this should be a no-brainer to you now, but yeah, I just had to rub that in, hehe. Oh, & patronizing public transportation is both a boon & a bane in this country, but what the heck, I'm all for it. I'm afraid I might fall asleep while driving anyway on my way to & fro work, & a quick stop to the ER at the very least is something I wouldn't want to subject myself or my mother to, after everything my family has been through. I just take what I deem the safest & quickest way to & fro possible, even if I get scoffed at for not taking the local rail transit ever. I'm sorry. I hate the rush hour & I'm actually claustrophobic & I can't take the heat. My peace of mind is my priority — now go find yours. My mom's still on my case regarding my own security during my usual commute, & it bugs me to no end, & she did give me some pepper spray on my birthday. Haha, I wish I had a gun & a license + permit to carry one then, if that would make her sleep more soundly. Yikes. & that is partly why I prefer staycations to faraway ventures. Sigh. I wish I wasn't as wary anymore, & the world isn't that scary, to begin with.

I still love my airconditioning, though, & I'm not giving up on red meat, & I need to be more creative with my recycling, & I can never really buy vintage or used all the time, & I'm still into disposable oxy-alkaline or lithium batteries, & I still want a bulky SUV, & I do not approve of autogas in this country just yet. LPG use should be limited to the kitchen, seriously. I've had my dose of carbon monoxide poisoning a few weeks ago & I had to take oxygen at work like mad. If only unleaded gasoline were much cheaper, so that more people would avail of it. I'm all for heavy car tints & carpooling, btw. But I'm still praying that we'd all somehow leave a healthy world despite everything to our future generations. My Development Communications class in college was very helpful, too, in making me more aware of things around me, at least locally. I hope I can do my share. How about you?

Up next, I'll rave about repeat clients ♥ & just some of the rather bizarre questions I get while reading, & maybe on divining with the tarot to locate missing people or objects (among other things). For now, I better get ready to go back to my uh, day job.

N.B. & this I leave for JR ♥♥♥ who just asked me which online resource I think is the best so far in terms of astrology. Haha, check out the New Astrology section! I love what it said about me, especially in the 6th-9th paragraphs, haha. Yowza! Score! \m/ Especially this part:
Getting along with Libra is a real challenge. It requires much discussion and premeditated pussyfooting. Keeping the peace is their goal, but should you push too hard and threaten to upset that hard won tranquility with some sudden movement or untoward remark - watch out! Libra has an unexpected volcanic side which, when it rears its contentious head, requires others to back down, flee the premises, or throw ice water on the Libra to settle them down. If you have ever watched a Libra scream at a spouse over where to place the vase of flowers that the unsuspecting spouse has just arranged, you know what I am getting at. Libra rages are rare - but they come out of desperation over something they perceive as upsetting to their inner balance.
Enjoy the rest of the summer, or the onset of spring, wherever you may be! :D


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