Saturday, March 13, 2010

aspiring wedding belle?

So I'm going to be part of this bridal fair this weekend, much thanks to Wedding Belle Magazine, & I can't wait. I'll be reading cards there for mostly brides-to-be, then copies of the magazine are up for grabs, & let's hope they won't get freaked out or anything. I'm bringing all my girly decks, & thinking happy thoughts, even if I'm half-expecting to be brain-dead at the end of the day. Readings should be quick, like 5-10 minutes roughly, & more thorough + in-depth readings can be scheduled privately at some other time, like a week after. I'm hoping to have fun, considering how ironic it is for an ex-fiancee (whose Saturn Return in Virgo in her 7th House & Aquarius Rising in her 1st House kinda prevented her from getting married more than 2 years ago, as she dreaded becoming Bridezilla that time, & who got officially engaged while Venus was retrograde in Gemini WTF LOL) to get excited about weddings again. I actually have cooler ideas now on what my pre-nup photos will be like (rockstar-ish as per my Libra Sun + Scorpio Venus LOL), what my actual wedding gown will be (inspired by Elie Saab's S/S 09 collection), what my wedding favors will be (Earth-friendly & practical!) & what my save-the-dates will be (Ouija board-inspired!), for starters! Now I can't wait to taste cakes, or ogle at pretty flower arrangements & superb wedding photos & whatnot! This should be fun! I want to invite Love back into my life! (Uhm, WTH.)

Cards that I can expect to turn up the most in my readings by then would be:

Judgment - The whole announcement alone would be so much to talk about, complete with press releases & pictures, plus hello, new phase in life.
The Sun - Beach weddings, procreation, pina coladas, the whole shebang.
The World - Overseas or out-of-town weddings & honeymoons, interracial marriages, plus focus on the bride's dress & makeup & entourage.
Temperance - The whole ceremony itself, & life after the party. (READ: Reality!)
The Chariot - The bridal limo, plane tickets, the bridal gown even, & please, for the love of God, no DUI.
The Hierophant - Church weddings, spiritual retreats, gratitude for blessings, observing traditions, religion issues.
The Empress - The bride, who else, then maybe her mother & future mother-in-law. The maid of honor can be considered, too.
The Emperor - The groom, then maybe even his father & future father-in-law, plus best man.
The Magician - The search for the perfect wedding coordinator begins, or the newlyweds-to-be weaving their own creativity.
The Fool - Ooh, finally saying, "I do" or even eloping, HAHA, or getting married in offbeat scenarios, like skydiving or... well, you get the idea.

The Star is all about the bride, too, & the Devil would be them crazy bridal showers or stag parties or... you do the math, sigh. Strength would be all about grace under pressure, or even cold feet; while Justice could be all about prenups, annulment or divorce issues before subjecting oneself to a new lovelife, or even arranged marriages.

Other cards I'm personally excited about because they really talk about engagements & weddings would be the 4 of Wands (garden weddings, presents, summer weddings), 9 of Cups (yay, the Wish Card is always fun to get, especially with an open bar & chocolate fondue station!), 3 of Cups (toasts & free-flowing booze!), 2 of Cups (yay, vows!), 10 of Cups (family planning & Christmas), 10 of Pentacles (love that will span generations & yay gracious gifts), Ace of Cups (wedding ceremonies, pregnancies, bridal glory), & uhm, the Ace of Wands (haha, cf. The Devil).

Oh, I need to claim my red smartphone from my usual Nokia Care Center by Sunday, & get my Dzi bead bracelet fixed, so Heaven help me. I lack sleep, despite Mars has gone finally direct again in Leo. Our DSL connection has gone bonkers, & we were just about to give up & throw away our wireless router & switch to a different ISP, but voila, I'm back. Please bear with me while I try to catch up with the overdue email requests & blog posts. But I should be done by Monday at the most, so yay. I sorely missed you all.

Anyway, I'd like to thank all my newfound clients & repeat patrons for all their referrals. Not to mention all the awesome feedback I've been getting from them, on how amazingly right on the dot my readings have been lately. Yay. More about that in a bit. For now, enjoy the weekend! ♥


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