Thursday, May 01, 2008

on communion & convergence

It was a rather fun day yesterday, as I tried reading for my guy colleagues & they tried to interpret certain images in turn for me. It was crazy, though, as my head was spinning after the fuss. Happy birthday, J, & good luck. Thanks, R, for hanging out with me until lunch & until you couldn’t take it any longer. Haha. You should bring your Comparative Tarot deck next time. You guys sure have a knack for this. Why don’t you try learning MORE about tarot-reading?

Too bad I wasn’t able to read for my barista friends as promised, but tomorrow should be a good time, after a stupendous way to have paid overtime at work. :P

Then by Friday, my other colleagues should line up for requests, LOL, this is fun. I’m on a roll, so better take advantage of it. I love May Day.

I guess it’s needless to say that everybody loves my Golden Tarot & Osho Zen Tarot decks. But all my sets, especially my quirky Tarot of the Witches, are potent, too. I think I’m happy with my loot, but I really should find the rest of my Chinese Tarot cards — this is the second time the deck has been incomplete. :(

Hopefully next month should be a great time to check out other tarot readers, & I can’t wait to talk about the craft et al with them. Sometimes solitary practice is exhausting, & I love getting new perspective. Maybe I should sign up for an art appreciation-through-writing class, too. :D The travel writing workshop I went to was super, though, as it helped me contemplate more on the journey within & introduced me to more wonderful individuals & then ponder about my future in creativity…

By the way, my favorite card for the week would have to be the Inner Voice (equivalent of the High Priestess) from the Osho Zen Tarot deck. ♥ I like the tranquility the imagery evokes & it does emphasize my need to get in touch with the silence within. Thing is, I’m having trouble channeling that at the moment.


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