Thursday, May 08, 2008

I <3 May Day

So far, my vibes are right on track. I’m amenable to doing readings on the 13th & 20th of this month, which are favorably Tuesdays, but I’m OK with Saturdays, too, especially on the 31st. My almanac agrees. So yeah, let’s not waste them good ol’ summer days, especially with the proverbial scattered rainshowers & thunderstorms intruding at the most inopportune moments. June should be a most auspicious month, but I still hate getting drenched while I’m in transit. Well, anyway, you know where to find me. I’ll be available as early as 10 AM.

I’ll be reviewing my Housewives Tarot deck this week. For now, enjoy the deck’s official website & experience the cards there through a short free reading. :D This is such a cute deck, but I had to stash it away for some time because it was getting impossible to read through the brooms (signifying the suit of Wands) without consulting the dainty guidebook. It’s being cooperative again, surprisingly. My favorite cards du jour? The Hermit & The Star & The Devil, LOL (I’m sorry, I’m a sucker for chocolate cake like that, I swear, & the deck’s rendition of The Devil is the coolest EVER!) Go take a look & see if those cards appear in your own virtual spread. :P


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