Saturday, April 28, 2012

feeling like A Sacerdotisa

I really have to quote this new client after meeting her earlier this week. I'm very happy for what she said & for how she made me feel when I met her. Like I keep saying, Capricorn girls are sometimes the coolest bunch, even if I have to talk to them with much conviction to the point of debate, hehe: 
"Thanks so much for yesterday! I've been smiling & feeling lighter 'cause the things you said are what I've always wanted (travel, love, stability). I think the reading alone has liberated me from my (issues)! I'm so excited & happy! Really, thanks. I haven't been this happy in 7 years! What you gave me (good juju, hope) is priceless."
Who wouldn't be floored with that? :D Thank you so much, Maggie. I really pray my predictions for you become true. But don't be afraid to take the first few steps in manifesting them! ;)

 I want more positive-thinking, open-minded people to talk to. I can't thank my new soul sister Bel enough (Aquarius Sun, Cancer Moon, Pisces Rising) for everything, really. Honestly, I can't thank all these amazing young people enough for the support & inspiration they're giving me. I really hope I make them all feel the same way. 

Anyway, a few friends are coming up with a 4-woman art exhibit in June, focusing on mythological goddesses. One's producing a collection of her interpretation of death goddesses, another of war, another of Greco-Roman in general, & my oldest/earliest acquaintance among them is coming up with a miscellany of Philippine female anitos, AFAIK. I'm excited to see that come to life, & I wish them all the best. Then, lo, & behold, I was reminded of my ever dearest Goddess earlier this week when someone gave me a memento of Our Lady of Lourdes. It was a sweet gesture, & I really don't appreciate religious tokens anymore, thinking they're the most cliche sometimes, but this one made a difference. I was reminded of who I really am to begin with, & what I am set to do in this world. & then I missed my dad again. :(

But just the same, I'm really for all this wonderful feminine energy I'm surrounded with, & I really hope I can tap into my artistic self again, especially with this event later tonight at a new favorite haunt, at the closing of this fantastic 2-week-long art exhibit:

RSVP here.

Congratulations again, Katrina, for the awesome offering! The opening was super-fun & I hope to make it later again tonight! I also hope you find the balance that you're striving for, as well as true happiness in love. ;) 

& all of these thoughts are exactly reminiscent of how I "lost" my High Priestess card from my Dream Enchantress deck earlier this month. This archetype, the representation of Our Lady in Catholic faith, among other goddesses, is reminding me of my chosen path. No thanks to Saturn conjunct my Sun, trine my Ascendant, I guess I have to be who & what I am called to be, by offering insights based on what I know & feel to my utmost extent.

Among all the cards in the deck, as well as all the other depictions of the High Priestess that I know, this one seems quite underwhelming, but imagine my delight when I found it again, & I was begging Her to come back to my while picturing this card again in my hands. Exactly as I was visualizing it to be in my hand, she came out while I was reading for a new older Gemini client, who presented other things for me to mull over about myself & the world, like how are we supposed to free up more space in our lives for love, & how to accentuate our strengths without driving other people away. With what this illustration of La Gran Sacerdotisa is showing, I should just learn how to stay still at other times & concentrate on my tasks at hand, & not run away from myself. At this point in my life, I may still look like as underwhelming as she is, but I should understand that it has been my choice, & I can always veer away from that, living up to my natal Jupiter in Leo, like how I'm supposed to be 2 years ago. I should just be braver & more open to possibilities, & rest assured that I'm not entirely alone in this journey. Everything is unfolding as it should be, despite a few slip-ups, & I should be happy that I'm right on track. The same way this deck found its way to me 2 years ago, & earlier this year.

& I hope that the current beau du jour is in my life for the same reason as all these other influences are. Thank you for cheering me up lately, baby. I really wish we could work things out. ♥ ♥  


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