Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I love you, Dad. May you truly Rest In Peace.

Be willing to take a risk on something that moves you emotionally or spiritually. You may have the opportunity to benefit from wise and patient council from an older, mature “male” influence who may come into your life or be awakened within you. This King can guide or teach you by example, not words, how to become more compassionate, patient, and calm to fully commit emotionally to your goals or ideals. He may have wisdom that comes from metaphysical study, parenthood, dream inspiration, travel, or volunteerism, and his leadership will probably be quiet, but experienced, if not a bit on the romantic or idealist side. Try to be inspired by his sense of adventure and the excitement that can be felt in the joy of simply waking each day. If you are he, then happy and fulfilled you can be. If you are the one who comes under this King’s influence, be forthright, watch, listen, and learn from him, for his teaching can mold your beliefs, values, your definition of success, nay, your very life, for the better.

Though I wish you didn’t have to leave me so soon.


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