Friday, March 25, 2016

o, hai, 2016! (part 2 -- planetary bonanza aftermath)

I'm back.

But maybe not for long again.

Tonight is a somber time: Good Friday transitioning into Black Saturday.

It's nice to have a bit of peace & quiet in the city at this time of the year, but a lot of establishments will reopen by tomorrow, just before noon. You oughta be chilling at this point! ;)

I'm trying to get a bit of work done while enjoying the waning Libra Moon, but I really need to relax more.

Anyway, I just have a few announcements, as I'm already applying a lot of changes since my last post:

1) As of April 1, 2016; my rates for 1:1 ThetaHealing® classes will increase considerably, as my 1:1 private session prices have already changed as well. Packaged rates are still available. Prepaid sessions are highly advised.

2) Free reading & healing requests will only be entertained via my Facebook Page promo posts from now on.

3) Waivers will be signed before a private reading/healing session. An assessment questionnaire must be filled up before a session starts, for new clients. Confirmation of a session must be done again online. Failure to show up will forfeit the session time & payment. Again, prepaid sessions will be requested more in the next few months.

4) Repeated absences resulting to non-completion of courses = non-certification will be subject to a completion fee, especially if reason for absence / delay was not fatal in the first place.  

My sessions don't involve mere fortune-telling anymore, please be advised. What I offer is only for the more serious seeker of answers, who would require emotional healing, who would want actual life coaching. Though I would still be redirecting to the proper authorities for any other financial, medical, legal concerns; I will always do my best to help out.

I'm more comfortable being called a "psychic" & a "healer" now, because that's what a ThetaHealer® is at the end of the day, basically, but I'm not here for your flimsy entertainment. & if you only want to hear the answers you want to hear without working to get your desired outcome & being accountable for your thoughts & actions, then it's best that you consult someone else.

To know more about what I offer, you can ask away via the "Contact Me!" section of this blog.

I'm also still selling limited editions of this 3-part ThetaHealing® meditation CD I got overseas, aside from a few ThetaHealing® books not included in my Basic & Advanced DNA2 class enrollments.

More to follow. But for now, let me leave you with this link chock-full of Spring-worthy affirmations from Louise Hay.


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