Thursday, March 10, 2016

o, hai, 2016! (part 1... whoops)

Hello. Happy New Year! Happy New Moon Solar Eclipse week! Haha. Pretty soon, it'd be happy Spring Equinox! I know I've been gone for so long, gomen nasai, & I got caught up with certifying people after promoting so much what I've been doing ever since my last post here. Thankfully, I've certified 10 Basic ThetaHealing® Practitioners, 4 Advanced, & 2 out of the whoe roster have successfully completed the Manifesting & Abundance course. Everybody else got loaded with awesome progress right after the Basic class! I'm so happy for that. & I'm also preparing to teach Dig Deeper, the newest ThetaHealing® elective & new pre-requisite for World Relations, which really opened me up to the modality & my overall spirituality. I took that in Japan last year, & it was amazing to be there in Tokyo, where it so felt like Home. Anyway, I can't wait to pool in my first class for that, which will be super-fun, especially with all the new things I have to share since my DNA3 Practitioner certification last November 2015 (which led to my launching of my new sub-brand Soul Re-Alignment With Abbee) & Soul Mate Practitioner course 2nd review! I also ended up getting attuned at the last minute as a new Divine Alchemy Healing Practitioner during the last Sunday of February this year. Yowza. So it's said that DAH Practitioners are pretty much Reiki masters, too, once attuned. Oh, wow. Thanks so much, Rei!

(Btw, DAH has 2 Monday meditation gatherings along BGC, & their weekly Thursday evening meditations along the outskirts of the Makati CBD. You are most welcome to attend, & the suggested energy exchange rate is only 300php.) 
But while I'm preparing to teach again, a new Basic ThetaHealing® class this weekend, starting Friday, March 11th, from 2pm-8pm (9pm the latest, but lessee...) until Sunday, March 13th; I'm taking a short break, for my Inner Child (with whom I've been reacquainted so much ever since coming back from my trip to Tokyo last year), & She needs me. But if anyone's interested to join, I can accommodate up to 3-4 people more! Reviewers welcome, of course! 
Anyway, here's a blog post (for now) I found by Amy B. Scher, author of the new How to Heal Yourself When No One Else Can. This is dedicated to my Inner Child, & to all my new students who are still fumbling to put their new ThetaHealing® experiences to practice. Self-healing is wonderful, but here's a wonderful guide on how to do it, & I honestly want everyone to take it easy while starting out!

I'll come back in a bit to explain further what I'm up to, especially regarding my upcoming class, & my new rates as well as new schedule. For now, hit me up! Visit me on Facebook & PM me! Or participate in my FREE QUICK ONLINE TAROT READING sprees there! I've a new one coming up in a bit, in honor of this week's New Moon. I'm giving them away every New Moon or Full Moon now, & when a (Philippine) holiday comes up. Or whenever else my mood strikes. So stay tuned! (Especially when you're a prospective client, referred here by this particular online forum! Get a quick reading before seeing me! Yeah? & as a special thanks to people who've referred me via FN, you get a surprise on your next visit!)

Enjoy, & read carefully this guide from Amy B. Scher! ^_^;
Do you know self-healing is the most powerful kind of healing? Self-healing sends signals to our body that we have power over our own bodies and lives. Our bodies are designed to heal themselves and when we connect with that primal ability, all kinds of awesome things can happen. My life (and health!) completely changed when I started depending less on doctors and practitioners and more on me.
Here are my 5 secrets of self-healing.
  1. Find What Resonates with You
    When I was first learning about healing, I read countless books and eventually did several professional training programs to conquer the subject of energy therapy. It becomes very easy to get caught up in what others say about different techniques and modalities. But really, that doesn’t matter. Working with techniques that you are drawn to will have the biggest positive impact on you. When you feel a pull toward something, that’s a little something called your intuition trying to lead you right to where you need to go. Hearing what’s been the best for someone else might give you ideas to explore, but if you get too attached to the path of another, it can detract from your own healing.
    Your healing path will be a unique one, so don’t feel obligated to read every book and learn every modality; just jump in and try what resonates with you. It’s okay to leave all the rest behind. By focusing your energy toward something that feels good to you, you will find also what also works best for you.
  2. Don’t Overdo It
    Although healing miracles abound, healing is not always a super-fast process. Just because you know a new technique doesn’t mean you should use it all day long (even though I totally know the temptation). There really is “too much” of a good thing. With energy work, there is often a “processing” that happens as that energy moves out of our field, and until that happens, we might not feel the full shift or improvement. Putting your body under the stress of doing more and more can be counter-effective.
    I can’t say enough for giving your body time and space to allow the healing process to happen. Otherwise, you will only create stress on your body—and that’s not the result you are aiming for, right?
  3. Use Your Intuition
    I learned this early on, and it’s priceless. When learning techniques, there will always be explicit instructions. That’s because that’s the only way these things can be taught. However, using your own intuition to alter and revise techniques can make them even more beneficial for you. You may be called to perform a technique in a slightly different way. That’s likely because your mind or body knows that it might work for you better that way. The types of deviations I used in my own healing include things like using my right hand instead of my left hand, holding a pose or technique longer or shorter than stipulated, skipping a certain part of an exercise, and more. All of these things are okay and you should give yourself permission to do them. You might just end up creating something new that way!
    I don’t think there is a single technique I use with myself or my clients that’s exactly how it was taught to me, and I really believe my personal twists make it that much more effective.
  4. Don’t Try to Fix Everyone
    Once we figure out we actually do have the power to heal ourselves, we often feel the pressure to want to fix everyone. You might even feel a heavy sense of responsibility to help your loved ones. Sharing what you know with others is awesome, but taking on a whole new job is not a good idea. This is very stressful to your body, especially if you’re not well yourself. If you are still struggling with emotional or physical imbalances, you might resonate too much with other people’s imbalances, which can exacerbate your own. I’ve heard this phenomenon over and over again from practitioners who are suffering from chronic illness: energetically, they match right up with their clients and start picking up on their symptoms. Energy follows a flow, and you need someone to come in with strong stable energy to really raise the vibration. If two people are of a low vibration, it’s not the optimal healing environment for either of you.
  5. Ask for Help When You’re Stuck
    There is a good reason to ask for help when you’re stuck, and it’s not because self-healing doesn’t work. It’s simply because a professional has seen hundreds of clients and you’ve only had experience with … well, you. Practitioners who do this all day long have seen patterns and different issues emerge, which gives us an advantage—we can often quickly see what you can’t. Not only that, but this is the best way to learn. I learned so much through my own instructor. I was able to see how she unraveled issues, what she did when we got stuck, and hear lots of stories that resonated with me, which gave me new ideas for my own healing.
Now that you know these five secrets, put them into practice. Start seeing what you feel called to, learn it (but put your twist on it), and focus on allowing your mind-body to do the rest. Happy healing!


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