Saturday, November 19, 2011

because something good indeed can work this season

November has been very intense for me, so far. It started out fine with my new as well as returning clients. (Thanks, folks.) I also was able to spend more time with my brother again as we both prepared for All Saints' Day, & we got to visit my father & sister's grave after a long while. I was also able to join new friends (younger, kickass, creative girls) go boxing at least every week. I felt intense pain after 3 long days, though, during my first try before the Full Moon. I had to reschedule most my appointments as a result. I'm expecting to at least have a couple push through again this Tuesday, then I'll be taking some more time off just before the next New Moon in Sagittarius. Funny enough, New Moons are supposedly lazy days, but with the next one in rambunctious Sagittarius, if you feel antsy, anyway, go right ahead. I can totally feel the Sagittarian energy now, while Venus is in it, so I'm totally wearing a lot more solar colors (red, orange, pink) for more energy, talking to more new people (like a whole bunch of foreigners, who are more often than not surprisingly fellow Librans!), planning my next faraway getaways, & getting more in touch with spirituality while trying to incorporate more of it in my day-to-day temporal drudgery.

Like I'm really switching back to healthier habits. That deserves a separate entry completely, but I might as well post it here. We got a new blender so it'll be easier to force-feed me fruit, as I can't eat the damned stuff fresh everytime (unless we're talking about mangoes, avocado, melons, & pineapple). I'll be cutting back on fancy alcohol, too, even if I can't resist this lineup. Everything I've dutifully sworn off in 2006 long before this blog was first operational via WordPress (sodas, fraps, excess carbs lacking protein) will be painfully set aside, too. Not to mention everything I've fallen in love with in 2006 before my grueling old day job sucked the life out of me (yoga, tai chi, Pilates, guided meditation) will be pursued again, along with my childhood favorites (biking, iceskating, long introspective walking). Looks like I'll be so on-the-go more often, & remind me to stock up on Advil until the holidays are over & done with. I really need to get my strength back. Psychic work is draining (especially lately, when things get eerily accurate on the spot even sans my Tarot cards, yikes) & now that Neptune has gone direct, I've just realized how disconnected I really am now to my physical body. & that has got to change by next year, especially now that I'm thinking of adding Muay Thai, surfing, & wakeboarding to my weekly routine. Don't ask.

Basta, what's important is that I get back on track with what I've started in 2006. Speaking of which, I was reminded of my 5-year-long reading for myself from that year using my Samurai Tarot deck. Now to be both feminine & badass at the same time.

This song isn't so badass as I intend to be again from now on, but it's light & fun & it's good for affirmations. I'm definitely getting things started. How about you?

I'm still very swamped with e-mail & texts so please bear with me. Just making this update is draining, but I'm so glad I'm back online here. Now if you want to schedule a reading (most likely in person) starting next week, my only available times would be early Tuesday (2pm-6pm) & Wednesday (5pm-7pm). If I don't get to sign up people by Monday, that's it, the next round's on the week after, same timeslots.

For people interested in remote readings with me, here's a tip I'd like to share & quote before we proceed:
"There are many people who think that the psychic will know about their problems in just a couple of minutes. In an online psychic reading, it is not at all practical to expect this. To get the best help in the least possible time, it is very important to prepare the questions well in advance. The caller needs to first decide on the problems that he would like the psychic to solve. This would greatly help the psychic in giving the best solution."
& I totally abhor people who don't respond politely while inquiring about my services, especially while I'm asking them their names. PLEASE. I'm a very exhausted person & it takes a while before I can pick up on anyone's energy via text or phone or email, especially when I've got my hands full or my mind's processing 5 other pressing things. So onegaishimasu, it's best when you introduce yourselves properly, before or after taking time to read my FAQs, & I'll be more than happy to accommodate you.

& to end this post on a rather nice note, the first 3 people who comment & share their thoughts here will get a quick online reading from me. Make sure you have working links or valid contact information. I appreciate all my blog readers & patrons, but I think it's time for you sweeties to be heard. Have a happy weekend! ♥


kenvilson said...

Hey there, Sunshine! The chariot thingy has revealed.. i'll be leaving for singapore on dec.3-5 this year. my mum liked a deal i showed her online. i will be their 'tour guide'. ahhh.. wish the chariot was bound for the US.. i'll be crossing my fingers next year. :)

Andalusia said...

NICE! Don't forget my pasalubong? Hahaha. Kidding. But that's good. & enjoy SG! Think of it as a prelude to the US. I wish I could go farther away, too, but I only have an out-of-trip to look forward to in the next few days. Thanks for the feedback! Have a safe trip! ♥

Tangerine said...

Hi there hun! Hurray for wellness! I am also in the process---slowly but surely we can achieve it! I have faith in you. ;)

I think the biggest challenge for me is to cut back from Milo or anything chocolatey and make a go for fruits. Yeah, this is my guilty pleasure. Plus I need to learn how to save wisely.

Hurray to us! Cheers to wellness and healthy living. It's a start.


Ghing said...

Enjoy your vacation! :) Enjoy the food! We all need a break from time to time.

Sayang di pa ako nakakapagsched sa iyo haha sobrang busy din kasi. Thanks sa texts. Sayang fourth comment ako! haha

Andalusia said...

Haha, leave a contact link & a question so I can read for you! & you should schedule na with me soon! It'd be fun, promise. :P

Ghing said...

Yay naman! You're so bait and I'm so lucky haha. My question remains the same: If my ex will come back (we broke up last month) and/or did the break-up happened for the better? It's been really tough because we already had plans on marrying, etc.

Sana matuloy yung December 10 natin. I know you will be able to clear the questions that have been bugging my mind the past month. Besides I already experienced your power haha, di ko pa sinasabi you know my signs already. More power and have fun sa vacation Abbee, and hopefully see you in a few weeks! :D

Andalusia said...

Thank you, Ghing, hehe. Please read my FAQs to prepare for our December 10 schedule. Please also make sure that we'll push through by then because I originally intended to take a week-long break, but I'm giving you a chance. I really would want to help.

Now regarding your question, & so far, I'll only answer what I can now, I think it did happen for a reason. There are lessons the both of you still have to learn to make this proceed into marriage, & the latter ain't no walk in the park, so to speak. Basta hang in there, & the both of you would still need to re-examine yourselves & re-evaluate your feelings about the relationship.

Thanks so much again! Take advantage of the New Moon tonight. Make a wishlist & give it out to the cosmos! ♥

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