Thursday, December 15, 2011

since it's the season of giving again...

Due to insistent public demand, I'll be bringing back my quick Tarot e-mail readings. This is again a limited offer, only until December 30th (please take note), so grab it while you can. Remember, you get $5 bucks off a 2- or 3- question order (see drop-down choices). & again, it's best if you frame your questions so you get more clarity that way. But if you don't really have anything in mind, & would just like to see what the future holds for you, that works, too. (Remember, in the end, only YOU can make decisions for yourself! YOU create your OWN future!) Kindly let me know upon placing your orders via PayPal. These make wonderful virtual Christmas gifts, yes?

2011 Yuletide Tarot Reading Special!

Now here are a few Terms & Conditions to this offering:
1) This offer is only available via PayPal. Expect an immediate response up to 24 hours for your 1-question reading, & up to 48 hours for your 2- or 3-question reading.

2) Remote readings via bank or GCash are priced differently, so please be advised.

3) I might ask for additional details, such as pertinent names & birthdates for a quicker connection & a faster reply, so I do not appreciate apprehension or resistance in any way. DO NOT BE RUDE TO ME, EVER, especially if this is your first time with me. I reserve the right to NOT respond to you should I feel any "test-the-psychic" vibe or aggression at your end. This may seem counterproductive, considering I'm offering this special in the spirit of gratitude, generosity, & love — but I really want full cooperation from my clients. I will keep all results & transactions confidential. If you don't think you can trust me, then don't even bother wasting MY time.

4) Before getting a reading, even if you're deathly stressed, make sure you're relaxed, open to all possibilities, & neutral to whatever outcome. I will not tell you what you just want to hear. If you're hearing all these things from me that you feel aren't directly related to your original question, rest assured these are (cosmic/psychological) messages you have to take heed & act upon immediately.

5) I do not judge. I am very open-minded. I can be even talked to about sexuality. I still feel I personally have to know more about that dreaded subject, but whatever I know about it, theoretical or otherwise (teehee), I will gladly share with you, as long as I feel it is relevant to your question(s).

6) You have the opportunity to clarify any part of your reading once your request has been delivered. I will provide a follow-up response within the context of the original reading, & usually that will suffice. But if you have additional questions which require further cards to be drawn or a deeper level of insight to be discussed, you will be advised to request a second reading, & another payment must be sent.

7) I have a right to refuse to read about certain issues, btw, & will only focus on issues that directly concern you. But if you insist on restricted topics to be covered (e.g. death, lottery numbers, virginity), then I cannot continue with the reading. Please be advised that I do not offer refunds. I have never issued a refund before. My time per se to discuss readings with interested parties HAS value, as I can be making more productive use of that by dealing with other clients who are gracious & cooperative & considerate enough to work with me for their own development & uhm, entertainment.

8) My reading style & attitude may be too flippant for your taste, & maybe you can blame my natal Moon in my 5th House trine Venus & Sun-Jupiter sextile for that, for starters. But I am serious & passionate with what I do. The effort that I've exerted into honing my craft alone in the last 9 years is a testimony to that, don't you think? But I prefer offering practical, fun solutions; as well as a stress-free approach to your dilemma. I have a low tolerance for stress, anyway, & I'm very sensitive. I prefer optimism at all times. If you think that's too perky = "good to be true" for you, then maybe I'm not your reader. Please note you can't just compare me to the stereotype. While the usual may go goth, for example, I may go frilly + bubbly + dainty (even if I don't usually dress up in person LOL). I like the Light, & I'll stick with it. But I have my dark side, of course, no thanks to my intense Plutonian nature (Sun + Pluto in 8th House, Pluto-Ascendant trine, Venus-Uranus conjunct in Scorpio).

9) Again, I'm here to offer help. Even if Tarot readings are mainly for entertainment purposes, not to be used as substitutes for actual professional assistance.
There you go. 9 important pointers to represent 9 whole years of Tarot reading. I can't wait for my 10th anniversary. I'm so grateful to the Universe.

So email readings are just as good as face-to-face readings, & they are very detailed & personalized. No, I don't go pasting generic meanings of the cards I've drawn. I relay them exactly to your situation, & say things as you need to read/hear/know them. They're also convenient if you want concise answers, & when you're on the go. If you've read my first FAQ listing, you'll get further ideas on what to expect when availing such a service from me. Satisfaction guaranteed, no matter how cliché that sounds.

I usually respond right away, shortly after the receipt of your questions, so don't worry. If you still want to meet me for a face-to-face reading, especially after a quick reading, please email me so we can schedule one ASAP.

So far, my next available reading schedule in person would be:

Tuesday (December 20) 3pm-5pm
Sunday(December 25) 2pm-8pm
Tuesday (December 27) 3pm-8pm
Monday (January 2) 2pm-8pm (tentative)

If by any chance you order an email reading from me on those dates, I will not be able to respond to you until the next day. & NO email/IRL readings on Christmas Eve (December 24) or New Year's Eve (December 31), PLEASE.

For more information on how I do my readings per se, please read my FAQs. Take your time doing so, & get your questions ready. It will help you relax (a major requirement before getting your cards read) & focus on what you really need to know + do. & I've learned the hard way that I won't ever need to coax an inquiring querent for a session — it's either you're truly up for it, or not. I only inform my contact list of my schedules every now & then so I'd be able to streamline my tasks. Please note that what I do isn't mere fortune-telling; it's more often than not a cathartic 2-way street, with a little creative brainstorming (especially for business or career decisions) thrown into the mix. If you haven't tried this before, but you're raring to go, do yourself a favor, then — I'll be more than happy to assist you! :D

Anyway, have fun, & leave a comment here for instant feedback! ♥

Give yourself & your loved ones the gift of quick insight this season! Happy holidays! :P


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