Friday, October 14, 2011

love = sick

I'm sorry for being gone again for so long, but I've already updated my calendar for October so people can schedule face-to-face readings with me more easily. I'm so tired. Forgive me. I really haven't recovered yet from last month's craziness, & I'm truly sorry for my last post. But I mean well. I always do. I just want everybody else to be responsible for their own feelings & lives, the same way I'm desperately trying to take care of myself. To my ardent patrons, you know me, I go the extra mile whenever I can for you fine folks. But the curse of being too accommodating is just too much to bear sometimes. & I really care about you. Tough love, baby. & please don't wait for me to tell you that straight to your face.

Though it truly made my week when a prospective Leo client texted me about how he loves my blog for being witty & upfront. Honesty, he says, is "a trait that is slowly dying in this digital age." & thank heavens despite my profanity he doesn't see it as crass, hehe. Thank you, Y. (& I'm so sorry, but your strong Venus in Cancer is what I've been picking up for all this time! :P)

I want everybody I come in close contact with to be happy. Now please remember that happiness is a state of mind, & it's always fleeting. The only way to really make the most out of a happy moment is truly revel in it while it lasts. Well, taking pictures & videos can help. But memories are the best things to come out from it. Cherish those, & always count your blessings. Things can — & will — be anticlimactic more often than not, but that shouldn't put a stop to you feeling happy every single blasted chance you'd get.

In our pursuit of happiness, though, we tend to lose ourselves in the process. The more we feel it's elusive, the more stressful it can be for us to handle things. Take my own struggles with gardening & adjusting to new health + fitness schedules, for instance. Then there were these premier events I had to go to, to show my support to some of my most awesome clients, & I still need to recover from the hubbub. My auld lang syne friends are MIA when I need the most, & I feel more alone than ever. Worse, my lovelife (say what? LOL) is going nowhere fast. But whatever. I'll just share this article that brightened up my day:
"Here are three tools I use on a daily basis to keep getting to know myself amidst (& sometimes because of) my challenges:"

1. Do one small thing to make today better than yesterday.

Allow yourself to settle into the idea of small little shifts that add up to a more peaceful, centered you. Say a prayer for someone you know who is hurting. Put yourself to bed early. Pack yourself a healthy lunch.

[It's always amazing] at how one little thing can have such a drastic impact on our mood. You reclaim a piece of your day, even if it's just a small one.

2. Begin to embrace your own brand of happy. Don’t ask it to look exactly like "everyone else’s."

Be open to the hobbies, places, & people who make you jazzed about your future, regardless of what others may think about them. You were given specific skills in order to shine. Cultivate them in small & big ways.

If your current friends aren’t interested in your new passions, ask the Universe to guide you to others who might be.

3. You’re holding the remote; go ahead and press the pause button when needed.

Make an effort to turn inward & reset your frequency if you feel like things are getting funky. Whether you take a two-minute walk outside, meditate before you go to bed at night, or simply pause in the doorway before you zoom into “go, go, go” mode, you create a split-second opportunity to be present & show up for a day full of possibility and miracles.

I'm still counting my blessings, & I'm just praying this maddening lull will ease out soon. If you're feeling like the Universe is grating you like a citrus fruit for your zest, leave a comment & let's talk about it, haha.

Anyway, since it's my 6th blogging anniversary this weekend (technically, October 13th), I'll be throwing in a few surprises on my Facebook page (please Like the damn thing, haha) & you can try my quick readings that I'll be offering only until the end of my Venus return next month:

Yes! Get US$5 off if you ask me 2 or 3 questions via email! Please give me until Monday (just in case) if you're availing of this today to fully respond to your questions, just so I can get my personal stuff that I've planned beforehand out of the way. I usually respond right away, shortly after the receipt of your questions, so don't worry. If you still want to meet me for a face-to-face reading, well, you know the drill. ;)
Text me beforehand should you want to be scheduled for Friday, October 21st, 3pm-5pm: (+63) 0920-433-5420. Please note that I might be in the middle of a reading session so if you call, I might not be able to pick up immediately. Text me FIRST before calling. I'm adamantly sticking to my schedules but I want to accommodate everyone as much as I can this month. Meaning, I'd rather read on these particular days at MY preferred places so, please, I beg of you. (House calls will have extra charge, up to double my standard rate, depending on location & weather conditions. For now, I can only accommodate requests within the Makati CBD. For more information how I do my readings, please read the updated 2nd FAQ.)

Email readings are just as good as face-to-face readings, & they are very detailed & personalized. No, I don't go pasting generic meanings of the cards I've drawn. I relay them exactly to your situation, & say things as you need to read/hear/know them. They're also convenient if you want concise answers, & when you're on the go. If you've read my first FAQ listing, you'll get further ideas on what to expect when availing such a service from me. Satisfaction guaranteed, no matter how cliché that sounds, hehe.

Thanks for reading, & happy weekend. Stay tuned for updates! :D


kenvilson said...

Thank you for sharing. :)
It's true that there are certain aspects in our lives that we tend to forget, or even take for granted. Little things do count. A part of a big picture in our so-called life. At times, it keeps us whole come to think of it. We should hold importance to ourselves. It is part of who we are, thus, a little selfishness is good. Best wishes to the fulfillment of your endeavors. I look forward to that chariot soon. See you on the 25th. ;)

Andalusia said...

YAY! Thanks for your insight! Now look spiffy!

Anonymous said...

cleverly written. hope when it comes to love, i would have the patience that you've always been advising me to acquire. thanks for always listening to me gripe about who know who? hehe. all the best. :-).

Andalusia said...

You should. It's not for me, but for your own well-being, as what them cards have been telling you for the longest time. :) Thank you as well for your patronage. Take it easy now!

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