Tuesday, February 19, 2008

gong xi fa cai!

So some of coworkers were kind enough to go with me to this geomancer last weekend on our way home. Thanks, guys. Unfortunately, the geomancer & his assistant weren’t that accommodating, as if they just wanted to shoo us away. They deem their business to be only for real bigwigs, not for struggling yuppies. To think I would’ve wanted to get a pricey reading the next time I drop by, but why would I want to consult someone who isn’t nice enough to even look me in the eye? No thanks. In the end, it’s still all about customer service. No amount of feng shui would be able to cure that. That moment I resolved to study more intently about feng shui by myself. Nothing beats DIY sometimes. Good thing the neighboring shop that sells feng shui cures, tools, books, & ornaments was a more inviting place! In an instant I noticed a wealth jar, a singing bowl, & a heart-shaped rose quartz crystal. My coworker who offered to help me with designing my new calling cards told me I should make a list of items I’d need when I shop there next time, haha. Oh, I will, alright. Especially now that I’ve realized how much decor we had lying around the house that was crucial to feng shui before we moved to our new residence 10 years ago, which was notably turbulent for me & my family. OMG why didn’t I take special notice of such things?! There was my dad’s small colored tiered pagoda on his desk which I loved immensely, & my mom’s quirky money frog & crystal tree & old abacus in our living room, among other trinkets. Maybe it’s high time to redecorate. I need new windchimes & some quartz crystals anyway, or even that Tai Sui coin that may come in very handy this year, even if I still think this is going to be a grand period despite everything. Or maybe even a Ba Gua mirror & a Chinese lantern.

The trick, I believe, to making feng shui work is to follow one’s instincts & work with whatever’s available before acquiring new wares that we think would help us with the practice. At least in my case, I really would have to take care of the clutter in my bedroom before anything else. Oh, & restock on scented candles, since I’ve been working with those for the longest time, & it’s a great way to tap into Fire energy which I’ve been lacking lately.

I’ve always been entranced with ancient Oriental culture (at least in terms of artwork & festivities & costumes & weaponry) ever since I was as young as 3 years old. When my older sisters & I were in my grand-aunt’s house playing, I immediately grabbed a Chinese doll & a brown toy horse & spent the rest of the afternoon in her garden & made use of a tiered pagoda displayed there. Years later, I found myself smiling upon seeing again those items on the shelf when I went back there & even my grand-auntie remembered how I chose those particular playthings. Whether it would be Chinese or Japanese, I always found myself gravitating towards everything Oriental. I have no idea why, & I’m the only one among my siblings to really be fascinated with the concept/theme/mood/design, even if my departed youngest sister liked J-pop so much that she taught herself how to speak & read in Japanese, haha. Le sigh. Must be my lame Chinese heritage via my mother. (That grand-aunt I'm talking about is her mother's cousin, btw.)

Everytime I’d read tarot, I would incorporate whatever I know about feng shui whenever applicable & share them to my clients. For the most part, it makes a whole lot of sense. Maybe I really should be more serious with my research. Haha. Now I think I know what I would truly want to be when I grow up. :P


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