Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Happy New Year!

I know I haven't been posting for so long, but I got so busy! Anyway, I've more than a mouthful of stories & insights to share, & I'm really excited. For now, let me post my most favorite song as of the moment, from my most favorite TV series, to date:

I also watch How I Met Your Mother when I'm bored, & I find it hilarious at some point, but I'm a real sucker for silly Korean dramas (like Goong aka Princess Hours, which I was crazy about 4 years ago, & I finished watching the subtitled-in-English series just before the local primetime airing dubbed in our vernacular), & I've never been so crazy about TV again until I saw Marry Me, Mary! on KBS World. Now what does this have anything to do with my New Age pursuits, if you might ask? Actually, I'll save that elaboration for later, but an introspective grrl such as myself needs her cute diversions, yes? *sigh* Haha, escapism's awesome.

& that featured song from the series is so refreshing, strangely enough, despite its sappiness. Or so I'd like to think. All I know is, I'm ready to face the world & believe in True Love again, whatever the hell that means. :P My sordid past & recurring sorrows would go down the drain everytime I listen to this track, so, yay. & I've always liked Jang Geun Seok as Kim Eunho from Hwang Jini. ♥

Anyway, like I keep saying, I still lack a lot of Earth energy, but for some reason I thrive when the Moon is in either Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn. I might as well take advantage of the powerful energy while Apollo, Mercury, Mars, & Pluto are all in an Earth sign. I really love Molly Hall's astrological lists, & I'm adding my commentaries.

Ten Tips for When the Sun is in Capricorn

1) Root in Mother Earth - "Sit by a river to hear the water. Listen to a crackling fire or light a candle on your desk. Watch the wind move the tree branches. Hear the frozen ground crunch under your feet. Buy your own heirloom/organic seeds, in anticipation of a Spring planting."

& my most favorite activity personally? Watch the sun rise or set by the sea. Take a swim, even, while you're at it. Super soothing.

2) Take Your Public Image Seriously - With my Venus return almost over, & Saturn in my sign, & my quirky Rising sign getting in the way, I guess I really need to get myself whipped up into shape. I've been avoiding the actual measures for the longest time, even if I've always been thinking about a colossal makeover for the better. But it's so hard, I feel I'm like one of them folks in my favorite How Do I Look? show who's dead-set upon her ways sometimes. It's all going to change now. It should. I owe it to myself.

3) Fortify Your Body - I know. More rest & meditation; more iron, more vitamins & other minerals; more workouts; more massages; & acupuncture.

4) Become an Engaged Citizen - "Take responsibility for what's happening in your own town, state, or country."

I'm not going to state what I'm doing about this. I'll just go ahead & do what I can to serve my community.

5) Real Life - "Find a better balance between the real & the virtual."

I've been trying to do that. But I've learned the hard way that the real world is still super different from the virtual life, & it's less fun. Sometimes the people I know who are stupendously nice virtually are super detached IRL. WTF. But I'm not giving up, & I know I should be more out there in the world.

6) Earth Magic - I know, I'll be really working on my gardening & flower arrangement penchance, too.

7) Turn A Passion into Your Life's Work - Now isn't that what I've been doing ever since? Haha. But I'll try to make all my passions into my lifelong work. I think I'm being incessantly called to do so lately, anyway.

8) Seek Wisdom - "Find a mentor, or become one."

Well, I'll work on my mentoring next month. For now, I think I need a coach. Times like these, I wish my dad were still alive. :(

9) Let Go - "When we let go of what's holding us back, we honor the rhythm of life & our commitment to making the most of the time we have."

Hohoho, Operation Declutter, oh, no. *groan*

10) Write Your Own Tombstone - Now this is freaky, but I've kinda wondered what it'd be like when I die, & what should be written on my epitaph. Actually, I've joked so openly about the whole thing as much as I've written about it, no thanks to my suicidal ideations in my silly high school years, which was super frowned upon. But there was this heart-wrenching scene from the movie The Last Samurai which I fell in love with:
Emperor Meiji: Tell me how he died.
Captain Algren: I will tell you how he lived.
With that said, I'm all the more pressured to live such an existence worthy of emulation. At this rate, I'm not going anywhere, but the thought of people happy with my humble contribution to their lives is relieving enough to help me get by through another day.

Now isn't this list amazing, or what? It's provided me with a framework for my actual proverbial New Year's Resolutions! I'll post those along with my long-overdue wishlist in detail later. ♥ & maybe, this list has just spelled out what the Queen of Coins from my Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck has been trying to tell me since day one. ♥


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