Tuesday, July 17, 2007

on the path to reinvention, part 1

I guess in this modern world we can never stress the importance of taking our own sweet time, but we should, before we go kaput. Maybe we think drowning our sorrows in the hustle & bustle of work is a superb option, but it does not really go that way. I miss doing yoga. That helps clear my mind, even if the pain is too great sometimes & I can’t do all the poses just yet. But it helps me be more patient with myself, so there. Especially when I don’t have anyone else worthwhile to talk to, & I need to be in touch with my thoughts at some point, unlike when I’m getting a massage.

I should take some pointers from the Temperance card, on how to bridge the gap between my Inside Self & my Outside Self, as well as between my needs vs my wants, & then my fears vs my hopes, & my inner Child & older Adult, among other things I need to synchronize. Being a Libran is painstaking sometimes.

from the Feng Shui Tarot deck

Isn’t she a beaut? Taken from the Feng Shui Tarot deck.

I just hate somewhat the fact that self-evolution is a lifelong process. But I guess the moral of the story should be one should never give up on the very being that propels him or her on this plane. The question, though, is, “HOW?”