Tuesday, May 15, 2007

how much will you sell your soul for if you had the chance?

This is what I’m currently reading even if I’ve bought the book for a long time now. It’s practically an interesting read, but I don’t recommend it to beginners. I have the old rendition, which also includes the Minor Arcana, & I have to admit the content (even the deck images themselves) are very thought-provoking, so as much as possible, I use the cards sparingly. Rachel Pollack has done a great job here redefining what confusing cards like the Tower & the Moon are really about, & reiterating meanings for Strength & Death. Will post details later.

Anyway, this news is rather amusing, haha. I wonder if I’ll be content to sell my soul for a mere $504, j/k. But seriously, it’s a great way of bridging differences, & hopefully, even despite proselytization, religious believers & non-believers alike would have better rapport in the future. Nothing is impossible with open-minded communication after all!


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