Saturday, January 20, 2007

happy New Year, happy New You

I’m sorry for being very busy & tired this month that I have not much time & energy left to update. However, I’m really happy & thankful for my newfound clients (hopefully we’re all friends now), & I hope that I’ve been able to help you sort out your issues. To celebrate our 13th post, hehe, I would like to share some of these insights gleaned from Christine Jette’s Tarot Shadow Work target="new" book. 2007 is, after all, a good year for change, & reassessing ourselves is all an inevitable part of that. Change has to begin within ourselves, & yes, even yours truly is dealing with it now (like getting a new day job supposedly). May these lines from our featured book be enlightening for you:

Any type of therapy or spiritual system that moves us closer to a state of wholeness is worthy of our attention. Whatever works, works.

We can certainly plan & have a direction, but the results may be different from anything we could ever imagine on our own.

Change is not an orderly & coherent process, but a complex, lovely, & sometimes frightening mess.

How can I support others while allowing them their own truths?

By taking loving care of ourselves each & everyday, the future unfolds & takes care of itself.

Yes, sometimes we need temporary teachers & guides, but we forget we all have the answers about ourselves inside us — if we learn to trust our inner knowledge.

So the idea is to be open to other forms of healing, counselling, & expression. Never underestimate your gut feelings, & always pray for guidance & consolation when in dire stress. The question stated above is my principal role/mission/objective as a reader. It is indeed great responsibility for me to disseminate necessary & relevant information & advice. I hope the said question will also help you in your introspection & in your daily work. We cannot just impose our beliefs & feelings on anyone; we have to consider everyone else’s differences & sentiments. We need to understand others & to meet all difficulties in life with a joyful heart. We need to be able to pass on that spirit of benevolence to whoever we’re helping at the moment as well. It’s pretty much a huge challenge, & so I apologize at this point if I would rather not delve on a subject fully when reading in public. Some subjects are quite touchy, & I would like to keep my vow of confidentiality. I can reschedule at a later, more conducive-for-trust-&-communication time for querents with rather delicate issues.

Our card for this post would then be the High Priestess. According to Christine Jette, the ff. are the High Priestess’s gifts & lessons to the querent:

  • balancing intellect & intuition
  • making logical decisions based on intuition
  • involvement with a group of women
  • exploring the unconscious
  • seeking hidden knowledge through dreams, images, feelings, art, tarot, & astrology
  • seeking a counselor to help you explore things unseen

It’s always advisable to seek help when we can’t take it anymore. Especially regarding heartbreak & singlehood. We are all entitled to our own sense of privacy & seclusion, but let us consider all aspects first before making an important choice or undertaking a new endeavor, & if weighing all that muddles us, let us feel free to ask for assistance. Going that extra mile in terms of counsel, research, meditation, & rest will definitely benefit the querent in more ways than one.

So, yes, I wish you all the best of luck, & I hope to hear from everyone else before February, when I’ll be much busier & more tired to socialize & study Tarot. Up next, I’ll be featuring this very much overlooked spread with a reading I’ve done for a new client.


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