Saturday, December 23, 2006

pseudo-science = love

According to my biorhythm chart, I won’t be at the top of my game right after Christmas, which I think is already in effect at this time. I’d be at my dullest & weakest on the 27th up to the 29th, & at my most neurotic come 31st until the 2nd. January 6 would be a most auspicious time for me to get back on track then, while I’m still thinking whether to attend yoga tomorrow. Maybe I should. Wish me luck. Traffic could be so bad. I knew I should’ve done tai chi yesterday but the 8 of Swords (please look it up elsewhere) just worried me to death, even if the card’s message was apparently positive.

Saturday, December 23rd, 2006 PST

Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22)

Your current idea of enjoyment might not necessarily be the same as everyone else’s. In fact, others may think that you have lost touch with reality as you talk about what you want to do now. Don’t give in too quickly, for your fantasies can provide an interesting starting point to a discussion about how to turn your previous obligations into a day of fun and games.

I’m not going to expound traditionally-considered warning cards here anymore, unfortunately, because for some reason they magnify their influence everytime I think about them, or even try to focus on their ‘benign’ points. It’s easy to do so during actual readings, though.

You can go here to check your own online charts. It could help. Most of the time the readings are accurate, eerily enough. Then again, stranger things have happened. I’m going to provide a spread soon that can work as a biorhythm chart, then we all can compare notes with the actual meters, hehe.


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