Friday, May 11, 2018

why I do what I do, 2018 edition

Abbee is a Creativity Cultivation Coach & a Soul Expansion For Serenity & Life Mastery Specialist. She does these by performing & teaching the ThetaHealing® technique to clients, as a certified Medical Intuitive & Instructor. She also applies other healing modalities such as the Millennium Method© (as one of the very first certified Master Practitioners in the Philippines) & Sacred Soul Alignment™ (currently working to be a certified Advanced Practitioner after a year) to help clear limiting beliefs & stagnant energies for an exponential transformation experience every time. Her signature #TranscendenceThroughTarot & #EnlightenmentMadeEasy coaching has what made her brand S.P. Lovecraft Productions renowned since its inception in April 2005. She aims to be practical & drama-free with her approach, to make metaphysics more understandable, relevant, & useful in our daily lives. She is currently launching her #SatoriWithAbbee sub-brand & sub-modality, encouraging phenomenal soul awakening, re-alignment, & ascension in her clients. Success here on Earth can made much easier & possible once we strengthen our spirituality, or so she believes. A city girl at heart, with love for pretty gardens & beaches & crystals & Oriental shrines, she operates within the Makati CBD.  

Stay tuned for my revised life coaching packages!

& check out my classes in The Daily Aah website by my wonderful fellow ThetaHealing Medical Intuitive Ishilta: 

& here are my schedules for the rest of this month! (Session times change monthly!)

Kindly set your desired appointment time & then settle your payment at least a day in advance! For payment information, that will be given as soon as you finalize your appointment time. Your information is kept private & safe, never sold to third parties. Thank you so much! Love & light to you!


Reema dsouza said...

Awesome and funny! I love your presentation!

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Rosiana Monbon said...

Mille merci pour tout.
Tu es incroyable, mille bisous pour toi.
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