Thursday, June 19, 2008

walking & writing on water

Finally this season’s Mercury Retrograde phase is over, so I can have time to update. Here’s a lovely meditation exercise I picked up online (though I forgot where, yikes):
Before you go to bed at night, fill up a paper cup (a white natural recycled cup would be best) with the purest water you can find, preferably natural spring water (not distilled) from a verified pure source and respectable eco friendly company.

Before laying down, close your eyes, thank the universe for your day, and focus on what you would like your reality to be for tomorrow. What would you like the universe to bring to you or show you, and what would you like to give.

After you have in your mind what you would specifically like from the universe tomorrow, look at your paper cup of water, and focus those thoughts unto the water as if the water were the whole universe (it is).

Then, to further manifest and have the water help you, write on the
paper cup your wishes or intentions that you thought of for tomorrow.
Sometimes this may just be a general good principal, such as,
“tommorow I would like to be amazingly creative and glowing with love,” or it can be as specific as you want such as, “tommorow I would like to
solve my challenge with such and such a situation.”

After you do this with complete clarity of mind and gratitude, drink half
of the cup of water, and go to sleep knowing that the water is
reverberating with great intensity and acting as a magnifying antenna to
the universe. The water in your body that you drank already has your
intentions in it and is still connected to the water in the cup which is
connected to EVERYTHING and it is working its best at helping you
send your message to the universe. Its structure IS actually changing
to your thought and this is provable by science to even the most
skeptical naysayers. As you sleep, your subconscious mind will
continue to communicate with the water, both in your body, and that still
in the cup, and it will change its structure into what you concentrated
on, so that when you wake up in the morning, and finish the other half
of the cup of water, you will literally be drinking your dreams!

This will have them reverberate even more powerfully through your
whole being. Do this every night, and see what happens, miracles
multiply and health increases at ever faster rates. Water is the most
beautiful, mutable and affected thought physical substance that we
humans have. Water is the ultimate physical manifestation within the
hologram of our existence, and if you love your water, it will love you
back and help you along your path. Water is alive and aware.

Share and enjoy.

Hehe. I hope this works.

Oh, here’s something I should post about singlehood, as it cracked me up a bit, but honestly, I’m getting bored with being all by myself. Or maybe it’s just my PMS talking.

So far I’m really bent on getting serious with yoga. I’ve found 2 new places to go to, at least every Monday (before work) & Tuesday (after shift) & maybe try out Pilates while I’m at it.


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